Best surfboards 2017

One of the beach activities that have become very popular is surfing. Catching the waves at the favorite beach is very enjoyable and as the experience in surfing grows, so does the need for an ideal surfboard. People are able to take their surfing experiences to higher limits by getting their surfboards smaller and lighter. In order for you to ride the waves properly and safely, you require the best surfboard. It is very important that you understand fully the characteristics that make up your board because those small details can change how the surfboard feels and rides through the waves. This page Playwithus focuses on providing details and reviewing the best surfboards for 2017.

1. Slater Designs: Sci Fi

This is the best surfboards 2017. For those that have spent almost all their life surfing, this board will make them feel like they have landed back close to where they began. This is because the Sci-Fi takes design complexity to a new level, with its straight rails, a jagged tail, broad outline and a quad-concave within a single concave which runs up to the bottom deck of the surfboard. It has a high performance all-rounder with a remarkable range that provides usability for intermediate to
experienced surfers.

2. Lost: Quiver Killer

This relatively flat, broad surfboard strikes the seamless balance between high performance and user friendliness. It has a rounded tail that reduces nose areaand an added rocker that prevents too much rail being wetted at once in small surf. It is easy to ride in both small-surf and solid surf.

3. Channel Islands: Fever

This was Channel Islands best-selling model in 2017. Its range is 6 foot and is as versatile as it is fun to ride. It is designed for surfing in almost any conditions.

4. JS Industries: Monsta 6

This is a high performance short main trend board. It is designed for the best surfers in the world as it strikes the
perfect balance between drive and release.

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