A Trip Abroad can be for Pleasure or Work

A trip abroad can be for pleasure or work, but either way there is one thing that makes the world go round:

Money! No matter where you are in the world, there is a likelihood you will need money at some point or other to make a purchase or exchange.

That is why it is vital to sort currency exchange before any trip abroad. Doing it there can be laden with hassle, and if you are not sure of the local system you can end up really losing out. You can even fall foul of conmen or tricksters who take more than they should in the exchange.

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Buying a house abroad is a huge responsibility but also very exciting. Everything has to be considered including local rules, customs, builders and plumbers, and then there are the payments! Setting up a decent foreign exchange account is vital in a process like this, as you will be making regular payments from your currency into another.

You will not be keen on losing valuable time and money by using a slow foreign exchange system such as via your local bank. Going to a proper foreign exchange specialist (there are some really good ones online) means so much hassle is saved and money too! They will give you a range of contracts to choose from which will guarantee you the best rate and they will not subject you to call centre staff who do not know your personal situation. They will take personal interest in you and your money and handle it well and quickly – and safely. Load more……

Fancy a Career in the Fishing Industry?

The Cornish Fisheries Producers Organisation began in 1976 as a non-profit making co-operative, and today consists of 210 fishing vessel-owning members from all over Cornwall.

Our fishermen own vessels ranging in size from a 5 metre single-handed cove boat to a 38 metre beam trawler.

They use a diverse range of fishing techniques including trawling, beam trawling, crab/lobster potting, gill-netting, longlining, drift-netting, scallop dredging, ring-netting and handlining.

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Fancy a career in the Fishing Industry?

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To manage fish quota on behalf of its members in order to minimise the discarding of fish and to maximise profits by matching vessel catching opportunities to market demands.
To increase the unit value of its members’ catches by researching new markets and promoting its members’ produce.
To represent the views and opinions on a range of issues relating to Fisheries Management, Conservation, Training, Grant-Funding and Sea Safety. Discover more……

This is a fantastic night of success for the Liberal Democrats



Liberal Democrat Leader Charles Kennedy today congratulated Parmjit Singh Gill on becoming the Party’s newest and first ethnic minority MP upon his election as Member of Parliament for Leicester South.

Commenting on Mr Gill’s spectacular win over Labour, Mr Kennedy said:

“This is a fantastic night of success for the Liberal Democrats.

“The story of the night is of two party politics in the cities – the Liberal Democrats versus Labour.

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“Yet again we have shown that we can take on Labour and win. We have proved that the Liberal Democrats’ win in Brent East was no flash in the pan and this will have big implications for the next General Election.

“The Conservatives are going nowhere except further down and out. This demonstrates that in large areas of the country a Conservative vote is now a wasted vote.

“The Liberal Democrats remain positively on course for a further major stride forward at the next General Election.”

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Best surfboards 2017

One of the beach activities that have become very popular is surfing. Catching the waves at the favorite beach is very enjoyable and as the experience in surfing grows, so does the need for an ideal surfboard. People are able to take their surfing experiences to higher limits by getting their surfboards smaller and lighter. In order for you to ride the waves properly and safely, you require the best surfboard. It is very important that you understand fully the characteristics that make up your board because those small details can change how the surfboard feels and rides through the waves. This page Playwithus focuses on providing details and reviewing the best surfboards for 2017.

1. Slater Designs: Sci Fi

This is the best surfboards 2017. For those that have spent almost all their life surfing, this board will make them feel like they have landed back close to where they began. This is because the Sci-Fi takes design complexity to a new level, with its straight rails, a jagged tail, broad outline and a quad-concave within a single concave which runs up to the bottom deck of the surfboard. It has a high performance all-rounder with a remarkable range that provides usability for intermediate to
experienced surfers.

2. Lost: Quiver Killer

This relatively flat, broad surfboard strikes the seamless balance between high performance and user friendliness. It has a rounded tail that reduces nose areaand an added rocker that prevents too much rail being wetted at once in small surf. It is easy to ride in both small-surf and solid surf.

3. Channel Islands: Fever

This was Channel Islands best-selling model in 2017. Its range is 6 foot and is as versatile as it is fun to ride. It is designed for surfing in almost any conditions.

4. JS Industries: Monsta 6

This is a high performance short main trend board. It is designed for the best surfers in the world as it strikes the
perfect balance between drive and release.

Written by: cmbcathy