Fancy a Career in the Fishing Industry?

The Cornish Fisheries Producers Organisation began in 1976 as a non-profit making co-operative, and today consists of 210 fishing vessel-owning members from all over Cornwall.

Our fishermen own vessels ranging in size from a 5 metre single-handed cove boat to a 38 metre beam trawler.

They use a diverse range of fishing techniques including trawling, beam trawling, crab/lobster potting, gill-netting, longlining, drift-netting, scallop dredging, ring-netting and handlining.

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Fancy a career in the Fishing Industry?

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To manage fish quota on behalf of its members in order to minimise the discarding of fish and to maximise profits by matching vessel catching opportunities to market demands.
To increase the unit value of its members’ catches by researching new markets and promoting its members’ produce.
To represent the views and opinions on a range of issues relating to Fisheries Management, Conservation, Training, Grant-Funding and Sea Safety. Discover more

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